Product Information

Irvine & Jachens Inc. manufactures its badges on site. We offer a complete line of metal qualities from solid 14k gold, 10k gold filled, sterling silver to gold tone and chrome plate. All badges are available in the metal of your choice.


On our uniform and shirt badges we offer the following:

HIGH DAP- for wear on a shirt or uniform.
MEDIUM DAP- for wear on shirt, uniform or for placement in a carrying case.
We also offer NO DAP or FLAT, usually without attachments, to be glued into a case.

Rush Jobs:
Like every other business, we have our schedules to maintain. If you must have something in a rush for a presentation, please give us the date required when ordering and we will tell you whether or not we can accommodate your request.
We ship exclusively via UPS. If you require delivery to a P.O. Box we will ship First Class U.S. Mail. We cannot guarantee delivery via U.S. Mail.
Net 30 days for Cities, Counties or other agencies using purchase orders. Mail orders require payment in advance and must be ordered on department stationery. Over the counter orders require a 50% deposit and the balance when completed. Payment can be made by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

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